Finart Hemmed 6mm Copper Radiator Fin Finart Flat fin samples for industrial radiatorsAluminum Radiator Fin From Finart Fin MachineFinart aluminum and copper Turbulator Fin Sample From fin machine

Finart Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and building of high quality low cost production equipment for the heat transfer industry.

The company was initially set up to address the need for a low cost corrugated fin machine and associated peripheral tooling used in the automotive radiator industry, but subsequently engaged in contract design and fabrication of tools and equipment ranging from simple jigs and fixtures to automated liquid filling machines.

Finart equipment is utilized worldwide, from a single operator radiator repair shop in San Jose, Costa Rica, to major radiator manufacturing firms around the world. Primary products include precision, high speed corrugated fin machinery and associated tooling used in the production of automotive and industrial heat exchangers such as Radiators, Condensers, Evaporators, and Oil Coolers. Final Product produced on Finart machinery ranges from miniature computer heat sinks to Heavy Duty Radiators on earth moving equipment.

Complimentary products include:

Corrugated Fin Machines
Flat Fin Machines
Radiator Assembly Fixtures
Header Punching and Forming Dies
Automated Culture Media Filling Machinery
Conveyor Transporting Systems
Flat Stock Roll forming Machinery
Aerospace Assembly and Testing Fixtures
Custom Tooling

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